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Alexis Wright the Zumba Teacher in Maine Faces a Prostitution Charge

If you have been charged with or are the subject of a prostitution investigation you need to hire a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney or a Miami criminal defense attorney immediately to help you navigate the prostitution laws in Florida. Alexis Wright is a 29 year old Zumba instructor who lives and works in Kennebunk, […]

Charges and Counts: The Colorado Massacre Theater Shootings

One of my pet peeves about high profile cases is the way charges are brought against a defendant and why prosecutors make the charges more complicated than they need to be. The Colorado case is a perfect example. If the defendant is convicted of one murder it is the same penalty as if he is […]

Attempted Murder: The Colorado Victims

Attempted murder is a charge that can be brought against an individual who has deliberately, recklessly and/or with little regard for the value and sanctity of human life, attempted to kill another person. The charge also means that the act was unsuccessful, and the person on the other end of the crime is still alive.  Charges will change if […]

The Colorado Shootings: Fantasy Becomes Reality, Our Worst American Nightmare Realized!

The events in Aurora, Colorado of the past few days are mind-boggling.  The defendant, James E. Holmes, will be charged with walking into a movie theater, killing twelve people, and injuring and wounding close to 60 others.  He did this after dying his hair red attempting to act like the Joker from the Batman comic […]

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Discusses the Etan Patz Murder Confession

There is no statute of limitations for a murder charge.  After 33 years the New York Police Department have finally made an arrest in the Etan Patz case.  To the credit of the New York Police Department, they did not let this case go cold and kept the investigation open continuing to talk to witnesses […]

Miami Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Believes Trayvon Martin Witness’s Testimony is Contradictory

As the eyewitness’s testimony starts to emerge in the Trayvon Martin case, we see just how weak the prosecution case is. Witnesses gave police inconsistent versions of what occurred the night Trayvon was killed. Some witnesses have changed their stories completely. The physical evidence in the case being made public is consistent with George Zimmerman’s […]

Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Discusses John Edwards’s Defense Strategies

Whenever you are charged with a crime you need to hire a good criminal defense lawyer. Whether it’s a high profile case like John Edwards or a simple DUI, the importance of hiring the best lawyer you can find cannot be underestimated.

Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Weighs in on John Goodman DUI Manslaughter Verdict

As a Miami criminal defense attorney who has practiced for over 30 years in the south Florida area, I have seen many tragic cases. The Goodman case inPalm Beachis one such case. Wealthy businessman who is a charitable member of the community has too much to drink one night and an innocent person ends up […]

Kaufman Trial, Homicide or Accident? His Previous Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Weighs In

Today in Miami Dade County Florida jury selection begins for one of my former clients Adam Kaufman. Kaufman is charged with the second degree murder of his wife Eleonora. I represented Kaufman while he was being investigated by the police, and was not retained for any post arrest proceedings. I of course can not and […]

Miami Criminal Attorney Reviews the Facts: Trayvon Martin, Websites, and $200,000

As a criminal defense attorney practicing in Miami for the past 30 years I have seen it all, including a defendant who doesn’t know his true financial position. The website debacle is a non-issue. Here’s why.