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Armed Robbery

Without the proper representation from a robbery defense lawyer it is going to be very difficult to have charges reduced in an armed robbery case. In Miami, Florida armed robbery is a very serious crime and the prosecution take all measures to ensure that the accused has to face the maximum punishments.

  • What are the possible punishments for armed robbery?
  • How are penalties for armed robbery determined?
  • How can an armed robbery defense lawyer benefit his or her client(s)?

If you have been charged with the very serious crime of armed robbery you are going to need a robbery defense lawyer that has a vast amount of success in armed robbery cases to represent you in the court of law. Armed robbery in Miami, Florida is categorized as a first-degree felony. The circumstance surrounding an armed robbery case will determine the penalties handed down by a court of law if a defendant is found guilty. Some various circumstances are as followed:

  • If armed robbery is committed by an individual while they have possession of a firearm or a deadly weapon then the minimum prison sentence will be 10 years
  • If during an armed robbery a firearm is discharged there is a mandatory minimum 20-year prison sentence
  • If someone is injured or killed during the course of armed robbery the prison sentence is a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of life

Without the proper legal representation of a robbery defense lawyer an individual is likely going to have to endure the maximum penalties that the court will allow.

In Miami, Florida strong arm robbery is considered to be a robbery in which the individual committing the crime uses force, threats, or violence. Strong armed robbery is considered to be a second-degree felony and if an individual is found guilty they can receive up to 15 years in prison.

Being charged of armed robbery will undoubtedly have a lasting affect on an individual if they are found guilty. Fortunately, a robbery defense lawyer will be able to offer various different defense strategies that will help an individual avoid having to face the most severe penalties.

In Miami, Florida there are a number of different circumstances that take place during an armed robbery or a strong armed robbery that can ultimately affect the consequences that the charged may face. Some determining factors include, but are not limited to:

  • What type of weapon was used during the act of the crime?
  • The end result of the crime (property stolen as well as what affect the crime had on any victims)
  • The behavior of the individual who was charged, after he or she was arrested

In the Miami, Florida area armed robbery is considered a strike in the Florida three strike law. This means that if you are found guilty you are likely to receive a strike form the judicial system as well as have to face the maximum penalties permitted. However, with the help of a robbery defense lawyer there is a good chance that a defense can be formed to reduce the penalties that a defendant will receive.

Being charged with the crime of armed robbery can quickly turn into a nightmare. Without proper representation that nightmare may just become a reality with the severe consequences that will have to be endured. Getting representation by a robbery defense lawyer that has had proven success in helping past clients reduce their charges of armed robbery or getting the charges reduced all together is the best course of action that a defendant can take.

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