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Grand Theft Auto

In Miami, Florida auto theft is considered to be a felony offense. Auto theft crimes come in different degrees but a lawyer who has experience in auto theft is going to be beneficial to their client no matter what the scenario.

  • What are the different penalties for different degrees of auto theft crime?
  • How is grand theft auto defined in Miami, Florida?
  • How can an attorney assist in fighting auto theft charges?

Grand theft auto in Miami, Florida is a very serious crime with very serious repercussions. Auto theft crimes occur on a daily basis and with law authority trying to diminish the amount of crime the court of law treats every auto theft crime very seriously trying to make an example out of any individual who is charged with auto theft.

Just like other crimes the penalties that coincide with auto theft depends on the value of the property that was taken. When it comes to grand theft auto there are three different levels of charges that an individual may face. All which are considered to be a felony offense. They are 3rd degree grand theft, 2nd degree grand theft and 1st degree grand theft. What auto theft crime an individual will be charged with is determined by the following:

  • A 3rd degree grand theft auto charge occurs if the property stolen is valued between $300-$19,999. If convicted, a person can face a maximum of 5 years in jail and up to $5,000 in fines.
  • A 2nd degree grand theft auto charge occurs if the property stolen is valued between $20,000-$99,000. If convicted, a person can face a maximum prison sentence of 15 years and fines that can reach $10,000.
  • A 1st degree grand theft auto charge occurs if the property stolen has value of over $100,000. If convicted, a person can face a maximum prison sentence of 30 years and fines that can reach $10,000.

In Miami, Florida a grand theft auto crime is defined as the following:

  • When an individual both knowingly and unlawfully obtains, uses or endeavors to obtain the use of another individual’s motor vehicle
  • When an individual has the intent to take the automobile of another individual
  • When an individual unlawfully takes a vehicle for his or her own use from another person who was not entitled to the vehicle

Being charged with the felony offense of a grand theft crime is very serious and can quickly turn someone’s life upside down. A grand theft case is going to need the close attention from a defense attorney. Without the proper legal guidance it is more then likely that the individual charged will not be treated fairly and may subject himself or herself to investigation that law authorities do not have the right to do. An auto theft lawyer can help their client by performing the following actions:

  • Inform their client of any legal rights they may or may not have when it comes to the prosecutor’s investigation of the auto theft crime
  • Study the case inside and out in order to build the best defense that will give their client the best chance at either having the auto theft charges brought up against them reduced or dropped all together
  • In the event that their client is found guilty a defense lawyer will be able to work with the prosecution to try to lessen the severity of the penalties handed down to their client

There are a number of different possible defenses that an auto theft lawyer will be able to develop. The sooner the services of an attorney are obtained the more options that they will be likely to be able to provide you.

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