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Grand Theft

Grand theft charges are going to require the assistance of a theft lawyer. In Miami, Florida grand theft is a very serious charge and prosecutors are going to go after the defendant hard. Without the help of a grand theft defense lawyer the accused are not likely to know all of their rights and subject themselves to unfair investigations by the law authority.

  • What determines the severity of a grand theft charge?
  • What are the maximum penalties for various grand theft charges?
  • How can a theft lawyer help when it comes to defending against grand theft charges?

Grand theft charges in Miami, Florida range from the less serious third degree felony to the much more serious crime of a first degree felony. What grand theft charges an individual is charged with depends on the overall value of the property they stole. However, even if the property stolen is not worth much money, if it is unique in nature it may qualify as a grand theft charge.

Miami, Florida prosecutor’s takes grand theft charges very seriously and if an individual is charged obtaining the services of a grand theft defense attorney should be the first course of action. Penalties for grand theft charges can be very stiff. Many who have been charged with grand theft in the past have made the mistake of cooperating with the police without having a theft attorney in their corner. Without the guidance of a grand theft defense attorney, it can result in the accused unintentionally incriminating themselves or permitting law officials to search their property without having a proper warrant.

There have been circumstances when grand theft charges have been dropped just because the accused acquired the services of a grand theft defense attorney.

What charges an individual is going to be given when it comes to grand theft depends largely on the value of the items/property that were stolen.

  • Grand theft in the first degree- If an individual steals property that has accumulated value of $100,000 or more then they will be endure a grand theft charge in the first degree. In Miami, Florida, the maximum penalties for grand theft charges in the first degree is 30 years in a state prison and fines up to $10,000.
  • Grand theft in the second degree- If an individual steals property with the value between $20,000-$100,000 it falls under the category of a grand theft charge in the second degree. In Miami, Florida grand theft in the second degree has a maximum punishment of 15 years in state prison and fines up to $10,000.
  • Grand Theft in the Third Degree- If an individual steals property between $300-$20,000 it will be classified as a grand theft charge in the third degree. In Miami, Florida it comes with a maximum penalty of up to 5 years in a state prison along with a $5000 fine. A grand theft charge in the third degree can still be charged if property value stolen is less then $300 but the particular item was a gun, firearm, stop-sign, etc.

If you or someone you know have been brought up on grand theft charges in Miami, Florida, whether the crime was committed or not it is going to be necessary to obtain the services of a Florida theft lawyer. A quality grand theft defense lawyer understands the law and the lasting impact that grand theft charges is going to have on an individual’s life. When it comes to grand theft charges timing is everything and the sooner the services of a theft lawyer is obtained the better. The quicker that an aggressive defense plan can be put into place the better chance an individual has at reducing their charges or getting them dismissed all together.

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