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Individuals who violate robbery laws are likely going to have to face severe punishment if they do not have the proper representation of a robbery lawyer.

  • What are some of the more common robbery laws that are violated in Miami, Florida?
  • When an individual violates robbery laws what are the possible punishments?
  • What is the benefit of getting the services of a robbery lawyer to help defend against charges of violating Florida robbery laws?

Robbery can be defined as the use of force or the threat of force in an attempt to take another persons property. The crime of a robbery is very similar to that of theft except that a robbery includes the use of force or violence. Miami, Florida robbery laws are considering this charge to be a violent crime.

In Miami, Florida there are different types of robbery. They are:

  • Sudden snatching
  • Robbery with a deadly weapon
  • Robbery with a firearm
  • Home invasion robbery
  • Carjacking

If you or someone you know has been charged with violating robbery laws it should be taken very seriously. If a person is found guilty on robbery charges the punishments can be life-altering, as it will affect the freedom one has by the possibility of an imposed jail sentence or probation period by which they will have to abide. In addition to a guilty verdict, breaking robbery laws could leave a permanent stain on a persons criminal record.

In order to protect your constitutional rights against robbery charges it will be necessary to hire the services of a robbery defense lawyer. In Miami, Florida the following punishments can be handed down from the court system for guilty charges:

  • First degree robbery carries a penalty of three-9 years in state prison
  • Second degree robbery carries a penalty of two-5 years in state prison
  • If there is a gun involved in the robbery it could add up to 10 years to a sentencing
  • The discharge of a gun in a robbery can add up to 20 years in prison for a robbery charge

There are defenses that a seasoned robbery defense lawyer will be able to use in order to help reduce or dismiss the charges that have been brought up against their client. Just because you or someone you know has been accused of breaking robbery laws does not mean that the accused is guilty. There are without a doubt defenses that a quality robbery lawyer will be able to form. Two courses of action that a robbery defense lawyer may take depending on the circumstances of the evidence are false accusation or misidentification.

A prosecution is going to have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the following to prove that a defendant is guilty of breaking robbery laws:

  • The defendant stole money or property of some sort from the victim
  • The defendant used force, violence or fear in order to execute the robbery
  • The property that was taken had some sort of value
  • The defendant who took the property had the intention taking the property from the victim permanently

If you or someone you know has been charged with violating robbery laws it is going to be pertinent to get the services of a robbery lawyer to fight a prosecution that is going to be doing everything in their power to make sure the defendant is found guilty. The penalties for violating robbery laws can be severe and without an experienced robbery lawyer an individual is more apt to have to experience the penalties.

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