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DUI Manslaughter

Law enforcement agencies around the country are trying to crack down hard on driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Accidental deaths as a result of car crashes are one of the leading causes of death in the country today. In the Florida courts system any person charged with a DUI incident that results in the death of another person is going to be charged with DUI manslaughter. Being brought up on DUI manslaughter charges is one of the worse case scenarios that can happen in a car accident.

  • Under what circumstances can an individual be charged with DUI manslaughter?
  • What are the penalties if found guilty of DUI manslaughter?
  • How will a DUI manslaughter lawyer help an individual? What line of defenses can be formed?

DUI Manslaughter can be defined as being in a vehicular accident that lead to either injury or death. Anyone who is being investigated or has actually been charged with DUI manslaughter in the Miami, Florida area is absolutely going to need legal representation in the form of a DUI attorney.

Without proper legal representation, facing DUI manslaughter charges are likely to come with severe penalties that will include lengthy prison sentences, fines, probation and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Miami, Florida drunk driving attorneys work on their clients behalf to do everything in their power to make sure that their clients stay out of jail.

When investigating DUI manslaughter charges in Miami, Florida a criminal defense team is going to have to complete a very thorough and strategic investigation. Quality drunk driving attorneys will want to make sure that law enforcement followed correct procedures and did not violate their client’s rights. It is not uncommon for Florida DUI lawyers to be able to get some of the evidence being used against their client thrown out as a result of illegal procedures executed by the acting law enforcement involved in the case. Pre-trial court hearings and a strategic defense plan provided by a drunk driving attorney can help avoid a wrongful conviction. How law enforcement administered field sobriety tests and whether or not there was probable cause are two key factors that need to be investigated when dealing with a DUI manslaughter case. Field sobriety tests, breath tests and other forms of detection that law enforcement use can often be unreliable. In addition, a DUI attorney should take the initiative to speak with witnesses as well as gather skilled testimonial on their client’s behalf.

When a DUI charge turns into a DUI manslaughter charge it can quickly cost an individual their freedom. It is necessary to find a lawyer who has an abundant amount of experience with numerous crimes including DUI and DUI manslaughter.

Hefty fines and prison sentences are only the beginning of a DUI manslaughter charge. It is likely going to be difficult to get a driver’s license again and a second DUI Florida arrest will likely lead to a person never being allowed to operate a motor vehicle again.

Miami, Florida’s drunk driving laws are tough and the penalties for a conviction are equally as tough. When being charged with such serious convictions it is essential to hire a lawyer whose primary focus is to protect your rights and fight for you freedom. The chances of receiving a favorable outcome in a DUI case increases considerably when you obtain the services of a drunk driving attorney who knows DUI Florida laws as well as all traffic violation statutes. The sooner that a lawyer is contacted after a DUI arrest of any sort the better chance you give yourself at a successful defense against your DUI charge.

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