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You’ve Been Arrested in South Florida for Marijuana Possession, What are Your Next Steps?

So you’ve been pulled over for a traffic stop, they’ve done a pat-down search, and the police who have searched your car have found a misdemeanor amount of Marijuana. The good news is that life is not over and you definitely have a manageable problem. The bad news is you need to hire a lawyer. […]

Statutory Rape in Florida

One of the most commonly asked questions in my practice is at what age is it illegal for my child to have sex with a partner.  In Florida the law centering on statutory rape has to do with what is the legal age of consent.  In Florida the legal age of consent is 18 years […]

Charges and Counts: The Colorado Massacre Theater Shootings

One of my pet peeves about high profile cases is the way charges are brought against a defendant and why prosecutors make the charges more complicated than they need to be. The Colorado case is a perfect example. If the defendant is convicted of one murder it is the same penalty as if he is […]

Attempted Murder: The Colorado Victims

Attempted murder is a charge that can be brought against an individual who has deliberately, recklessly and/or with little regard for the value and sanctity of human life, attempted to kill another person. The charge also means that the act was unsuccessful, and the person on the other end of the crime is still alive.  Charges will change if […]

Sentencing Guidelines

You’ve been charged with a crime and the first question you ask yourself, your family, is what I am facing in terms of a penalty.  Most of my clients want to know if they are going to jail. For the most part, if you have committed and are charged with a crime that does not […]

Seal and Expunge Your Records

So you’ve taken a plea in your case and your attorney has been able to get you a withhold of adjudication and you have successfully completed all of your probation, community service hours, and any other court imposed requirements successfully.  Your lawyer, at the time of the plea, told you that if you successfully completed […]

Date Rape – What Is It? What to Do About It?

My first experience at defending an individual accused of date rape occurred very early on in my career.  I was retained by a family to defend the star quarterback of a high school football team in Miami.  The quarterback didn’t know that a particular cheerleader had a crush on him. One night they were both […]

The Colorado Shootings: Fantasy Becomes Reality, Our Worst American Nightmare Realized!

The events in Aurora, Colorado of the past few days are mind-boggling.  The defendant, James E. Holmes, will be charged with walking into a movie theater, killing twelve people, and injuring and wounding close to 60 others.  He did this after dying his hair red attempting to act like the Joker from the Batman comic […]

Withhold of Adjudication Versus Adjudication of Guilt

Withhold of Adjudication versus Adjudication of Guilt- The ultimate one free bite at the apple At some point in your criminal case you will be presented a plea offer by the Court or the prosecution.  The gold standard of any plea offer is a withhold of adjudication as part of the deal. A withhold is […]

Types of Bail Bonds

Types of bail bonds- What to expect once you get a bond In any criminal case the most important thing is to get out of jail so you can be with your family and help your attorneys defend your case. I have discussed in other blogs how to obtain a bond (see bond hearings/jail releases). Once […]