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What to Do if You Are Caught with a Controlled Substance

Drug possession laws vary from state to state. So what do you do if you find yourself facing drug possession charges of a controlled substance in the state of Florida? The first thing you should do is contact a Miami criminal defense attorney to help you determine your rights.

Push to Ban Synthetic Marijuana in Florida

Synthetic marijuana, also known as fake pot, is a psychoactive herbal product that mimics the effects of cannabis. It is widely sold in gas stations and convenience stores marketed under the names “Mr. Nice Guy,” “Spice,” and “K2.”

Drug Possession Charges—Know Your Rights

Each day in communities from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, thousands of doses of narcotics like oxycodone are dispensed in pain clinics—also known as “pill mills.” These storefront operations distribute powerful pain medication to patients without conducting a physical exam or requesting documented, prior medical history. These clinics are usually cash only establishments with an […]