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How do you choose the right criminal defense lawyer for you?

I am always amazed at how people pick their lawyers. If you are arrested and formally charged with a crime you need to pick a lawyer that can accomplish the goals you have. Some people want to try to get off the charges completely while others want to make the best deal possible. That does […]

Arrested for DUI? What next?

If you have been arrested for DUI, it’s serious and you need to hire a lawyer. DUIs are very difficult to prove in a court of law. Being impaired while driving, and proving it in a court of law are two different things. Officers are specially trained to make DUI arrests. Proving them can be […]

Can the Police Search my Car if I am Stopped for a Traffic Ticket?

I get asked all the time whether the police have the right to search your car if you are stopped for a traffic offense. The answer depends on the facts and circumstances of the stop and what the police encounter when they approach your car. Generally, in order for the police to search your car […]