All You Need to Know When Served with A Restraining Order in Miami, FL

A restraining order is a protective order issued by a court of law purposely intended to protect an individual from violence or continued violence. Once a restraining order is in place, a date is set for a hearing. During this hearing, it is best if a DUI Lawyer in Miami accompanies you. Discover more about Miami, FL here.


When you have been issued a restraining order, you are not allowed to live under the same roof with the person who filed for the restraining order. It would be best if you did not come into any close contact with that person or their family. Finally, you will be required to hand in any firearms in your possession to the law officers. Discover facts about Get Your Drug Charges Dropped in Miami, FL.


It is considered a violation of a restraining order if you refuse to vacate the premises that you share with the person who filed for it. Visiting the workplace, school, or any other common grounds that you may encounter the person is a violation. If you try to harming the person or contacting them in any way may also have serious repercussions 

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