Driving While License Suspended Lawyer in Miami, FL

Have you been charged with Driving While License Suspended in Miami?

Driving while license suspended in Miami, Florida is a misdemeanor. If an individual is charged for the first time of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license it is a second-degree misdemeanor offense. If it is an individual’s second offense for driving with a suspended license the charges will fall under a first-degree misdemeanor. Someone who has been caught three times for driving while license suspended faces the possibility of up to 5 years in prison.

What is considered driving while license suspended in Miami?

In Miami, Florida law enforcement must prove that the person being charged with driving with a suspended license knew that their license was not intact. In the case that an individual was not aware that they had a suspended license the charges that are brought up against them are likely to be just a minor traffic infraction.

What can happen if I am charged with driving while license suspended?

When an individual has a suspended license in Miami, Florida it means that under no circumstances are they allowed to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Getting caught operating a motor vehicle while driving privileges are suspended can result in a heap of trouble. Jail time, permanent license revocation, and severe fines are all possibilities of punishment. The best course of action for a person who is charged with the crime of operating a motor vehicle while having a suspended license in Miami, Florida is to get the services of an attorney who has a great deal of experience handling suspended license cases.

Possible reasons that a license is suspended

The reason why people end up with driving privileges suspended may include failure to pay traffic tickets, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or reckless driving. Depending on the reasons why a suspended license was given to an individual will play a major role in the repercussions that an individual in Miami, Florida will have to face if they are caught driving by authorities while their driving privileges are suspended.

The most skilled attorneys in Miami, Florida will be able to recognize any loophole that will permit their client to avoid the most serious consequences of driving with a suspended license.

How a defense attorney will help your case

Operating a vehicle with driving privileges suspended is a serious crime that comes with serious consequences. Trying to go to court to fight against charges of driving while license suspended without an attorney is a grave mistake. When this is done it is the word of the person that is being charged with the crime against the word of the police officer. The probable outcome in this scenario is not likely to be favorable for the defendant. There is a good chance that if an attorney is hired they will be able to find fault in the officer’s actions during the time of the arrest which will positively affect the outcome of your case.

In Miami, Florida driving with a suspended license is a very serious offense and punishment for the crime can be severe. How severe the punishments for operating a vehicle with driving privileges suspended are going to be depends on the details of the case. Punishment by a court can range from a simple non-criminal traffic infraction, to a third degree felony.

With each arrest having unique circumstances a Miami or Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket attorney will know what defense tactics will best suit each individual case; giving their clients the best chance of having their charges reduced or dropped completely. If you or someone you know is being charged with driving while their license is suspended, do not take the chances of going to court without legal representation. Make sure to have quality attorneys that have a lot of past experience in helping clients who have been charged with driving with a suspended license.

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