Drug Programs When Charged with Possession Crimes

Content Summary: In Miami, Florida if an individual has been charged with drug possessions whether it is a possession charge or intent to sell charge there are alternatives then having to cope with the severe penalties that may be handed down by the court. With a quality defense attorney advocating for you it may be possible to participate in one of Miami, Florida drug programs and ultimately have your charges completely dismissed.

  • Why were drug programs started?
  • What does a drug program entail?
  • How many tracks are in a drug program?
  • How do you get enrolled in a drug court program?

It is not uncommon when an individual is found guilty of a drug crime for their defense attorney to work with the judge and state prosecution to reduce the penalties. Often times the charged will be permitted to go to a drug program. In order to be accepted into one of the Miami, Florida drug programs an individual is going to need approval from the Office of State Attorney. A defense attorney with experience in defending individuals with drug charges can help advocate for their client to get into drug addiction programs as an alternative to having to spend time in jail or time on probation.

Drug programs were initially developed as an attempt to lower the amount of crime that was occurring in the Miami, Florida area. Studies were showing that the majority of individuals who were being found guilty of crimes were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drug treatment programs have proven to be a good alternative as it allows its “clients” to avoid severe penalties from the court, have their charges dismissed if they complete the program and afford an individual to work on whatever issues they may have with drugs and alcohol.

Drug programs in in Miami, Florida last a minimum of twelve months. While this may seem like a long time, if the program is completed successfully the drug charges an individual is facing will be dismissed.

Once an individual has been admitted into one of the drug programs they will be required to abide by the following:

  • Regularly check in with the judge who was appointed to their case.
  • Mandatory drug tests
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Court statues

There are five tracks over the course of a drug program in Miami, Florida. They are as followed:

  • Track 1: Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual and Cultural Recovery
  • Track 2: Behavioral therapy as it relates to recovery from drugs and alcohol.
  • Track 3: Employment and education while in recovery
  • Track 4: Family Issues in Recovery
  • Track 5: Relapse Prevention

According to the laws in Miami, Florida an individual who is charged with either purchasing drugs or possession of drugs may be permitted to have a pretrial diversion program. Without having the services of a defense attorney this opportunity may not happen. Being that a judge ultimately makes the decision whether an individual is going to be eligible for one of the states drug addiction programs it is important to have a veteran attorney advocating for you.

There are over 400 drug courts located in the state of Florida. If you or someone you know live in the Miami, Florida area and are facing drug charges you will want to have a defense attorney to inform you of all your rights in regards to participating in drug programs.

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