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The law offices of Yale L Galanter,P.A. has successfully represented clients arrested and charged with Fort Lauderdale DUIs. The implications of a DUI conviction can be more far reaching than that of a felony conviction. Our DUI attorneys will use their 40 years of combined experience to fight your DUI case. Initially, a person may think, “why fight the case, I was drinking and driving.” As bleak as your situation seems, there are always defenses to a DUI criminal case.

A DUI Conviction can be Life-Changing

To defend your case, you’ll need an experienced DUI defense attorney to protect your rights. Over the years, we have gained the knowledge necessary to evaluate and defend intoxication cases. Our experience allows us to determine the strengths and weaknesses in all DUI and BUI cases. Our goal in defending your DUI case is to receive a dismissal or receive plea offers to lesser offenses, such as reckless or careless driving.

The DUI penalties that go along with a conviction can be increased depending on the level of the breath of alcohol reading and how many prior DUIs an individual has on their record. The most serious impact of a DUI is that it is considered to be a conviction under Florida law. A DUI conviction will preclude you from ever sealing or expunging your record. Unfortunately, you will carry the DUI conviction until the day you die.

Breath Tests

Breath tests are common when being pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Fort Lauderdale. If it can be shown that the officer stopped you without a reasonable suspicion that you committed a traffic offense, all other subsequent evidence obtained by the police officer will be suppressed, including the results of your breath test or roadside exercises.

Field Sobriety Exercises

Even if a breath reading was obtained, we will check the maintenance records of the breath machine used to determine whether or not it was functioning properly at the time the breath test was administered or whether the machine had recently received maintenance prior to the breath test. The police officer is also required to follow other rules when giving the breath test such as: a 20 minute observation period before performing the test, correctly reading the implied consent law and correctly calibrating the machine. Any shortfalls in the procedure can lead to the suppression of the breath results. Just because you have a high breath reading, do not lose hope.

Administrative Driver’s License Suspension

If an individual is arrested for DUI in Fort Lauderdale, a driver’s license suspension will result, if the person arrested has a blood alcohol level in excess of .08 or refuses to submit to a breath, urine or blood test. If your license is suspended, you can appeal the suspension within 10 days of your arrest by requesting a formal review with DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles). If our firm is successful at the hearing, you will be entitled to have your license reinstated immediately. If the DHSMV hearing is lost, your license can be suspended between 6 and 18 months depending on the reason for the suspension. Even if the suspension is upheld, you will most likely be entitled to a hardship license, which enables you to drive for employment purposes.

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