Fun Attractions In Gables FL

Gables is one of the finest cities in Southern Florida. It’s part of the city of Coral Gables with the city of Gables FL. Together the city of Coral gables has a population of about 51,000 people. Gables is a haven of fun and beauty. Most of the city is preserved form the 1920s when it was founded by George Merrick. Here are some of the fun attractions in this lovely city. Learn information about Miami, FL.

Coral Gables Merrick House

This is the house where the founder and developer of the City of Coral Gables, George E. Merrick was brought up. The house was initially built as a frame house in 1903 and then completed in 1910. The historic landmark is filled with Merricks’ artifacts including personal treasures, art, and furniture. It’s open to the public every Wednesday and Sunday. Discover facts about Appreciating Arts & Culture In Coral FL. 

The Biltmore Hotel Miami

The recently renovated Biltmore hotel is a historic landmark and major attraction in gables FL. Opened in 1926, the hotel covers more than 150 acres and it features Mediterranean architecture with classic Spanish, Italian, and Moorish influences. It has 273 rooms including 133 suites. 

Venetian Pool

Carved out of coral rock, this lagoon pool is a historic landmark. It features a swimming pool, waterfalls, caves, and stone bridges. The Venetian-style pool is open throughout the year. It’s however closed on Mondays after Labor Day till Memorial Day. 


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