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Selecting the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for You

 In only a matter of moments your life has drastically changed: You never thought you would be arrested and charged with a DUI, drug possession or any other crime. It’s a frightening and stressful time. Now you face police questioning and legal hearings that you assumed only happened to others. It’s happening to you now, but there is a solution: an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Whether you have been already accused of a crime or know that charges are imminent, it’s essential that you get a South Florida criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to avoid incriminating yourself. The Law Offices of Yale Galanter, P.A. will begin right away developing a defense strategy while the details of the case are fresh in your mind as well as in the memories of any important witnesses. The Law Offices of Yale Galanter, P.A. and his skilled legal team will explore all of your options and develop a strategy designed to obtain the best verdict possible. Galanter Law understands the gravity of the situation and what’s at stake personally, professionally, and financially. With more than 30 years of experience, Yale Galanter will preserve your innocence and protect your Constitutional rights.

The prosecution against you will be fighting for the maximum possible punishment for a conviction. Without legal aid, you could be facing multiple years of jail or prison sentencing as well as heavy fines if you are convicted of committing a crime. Yale Galanter can help challenge the prosecution’s case against you with hard-hitting legal tactics, utilizing the years of legal experience that he possesses.

The Law Offices of Yale Galanter, P.A. key areas of practice include DUI (even if it’s a case involving multiple DUIs), drug crimes (including drug possession, distribution and possession with intent) and violent crimes (such as assault and battery, weapons charges, domestic violence and murder/manslaughter). Yale Galanter has a reputation for providing his clients with potent legal defense against even the most harrowing of charges. He is a true advocate for the rights of the accused. Regardless of the charges that you are facing, whether they involve a theft offense, such as grand theft and burglary, a probation violation, or traffic offense, you can rest assure you will have an experienced advocate on your side who has extensive knowledge of criminal law. Yale Galanter is prepared to help you obtain the outcome that you are seeking.

Usually, people are not prepared for what will happen in the wake of a criminal accusation and are left feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the legalities that they are now facing. If you are caught in the wake of something of this nature, you must not delay in retaining the best possible legal counsel—your future and freedom are at stake.  The state of Florida has severe penalties for crime offenses. From jail time to exorbitant fees to driver’s license suspension, the penalties following criminal conviction can affect the rest of your life. It is critical to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer fighting on your behalf. Whether your case is a violent crime offense or a DUI charge, legal representation that will work for you, your rights, and your freedom is a necessity when dealing with Florida court system.

With the experienced attorneys of the Law Offices of Yale Galanter, P.A., no stone has been left unturned, every issue has been evaluated and every argument has been considered. Do not delay in getting the best possible criminal defense.

The Law Officers of Yale Galanter, P.A. are available 24/7 to help you answer all your questions. Call or email right away. Dade: 305.576.0244 and Broward: 954.524.6600. Email Galanter Law at info@galanterlaw.com or visit www.GalanterLaw.com.

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