Robbery with a Firearm Lawyer in Miami, FL

Robbery with a firearm is a very serious crime that comes with harsh punishments. Without a robbery attorney guiding an individual through the process of when they first received the charges to when they have to go to court, it is not likely that they will get a favorable verdict when it comes time for the law to decide if they are guilty or innocent.

  • What are the possible penalties for being found guilty of robbery with a firearm?
  • How is robbery with a firearm defined?
  • How can a robbery attorney help an individual who has been charged with robbery with a firearm?

The criminal charge of robbery with a firearm is a very serious crime. If an individual is found guilty of the crime robbery with a firearm in the Miami, Florida area the penalties can be extreme, altering the course of a person’s life forever. It is possible for a guilty verdict in a robbery with a firearm case to give the following penalties:

  • Life sentence in prison
  • Fines that reach up to $15,000

There are minimum sentences that a court is mandated to give depending on the circumstances of the robbery with a firearm charge. Miami, Florida practices a 10-20-life law when it comes to dealing with robbery with a firearm.

  • If while committing a felony, an individual has a firearm on them there is a minimum 10-year sentence behind bars
  • If during the robbery the firearm happens to go off, the minimum sentencing increases to 20-year prison sentence
  • If the firearm goes off and someone is shot and/or killed than the defendant will be given a life sentence

Individuals who are charged with robbery with a firearm, will not be entitled to get a bond. This means that the accused will not be able to post bail and will have to stay in jail until the time of their trial. An experienced robbery defense attorney will attempt to get their client a bond hearing.

In Miami, Florida robbery is defined as the act of taking money or the property from another individual with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of their money or property.

Robbery with a firearm is a violent crime and a felony. It will be necessary to have the services of a robbery attorney who knows the laws inside and out in order to have the best chances at having the charges dropped or reduced. The sooner the services of a robbery defense lawyer are retained the better chance a defendant gives themself.

In Miami, Florida a robbery with a firearm charge is very serious and the prosecution is going to try to punish individuals on trial with very harsh penalties. Without a robbery attorney to closely examine the circumstances of the case along with all the evidence that surrounds the case, it is not likely that a defendant is going to get a favorable outcome in their court trial.

Speaking with police officers and other law enforcement before consulting and receiving advice from a robbery attorney is a common mistake that many who have been charged with robbery with a firearm make. There is likely to be evidence stacked against the defendant and anything they say without conversing with an attorney first could result in the defendant digging him or herself into a deeper hole.

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