Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Miami FL

The first thing that you should do after you are arrested for any crime in Miami FL is to call your criminal defense attorney. Do not talk to anyone including the arresting police. Just demand your phone call and get in touch with us at Galanter Law, P.A. As your Miami criminal defense lawyer, we will respond immediately and come to your assistance. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney. Further facts about Miami, FL can be found here.

To Avoid Self Incrimination 

If you allow the police officers to interrogate you without an attorney present, you can easily incriminate yourself. Remember that anything that you say can be used against you in a court of law. Call your Miami criminal defense lawyer and keep quiet. Information about Common Practice Areas Of A Criminal Defense Attorney In Miami FL can be found here.

To Ensure Proper Legal Procedures 

Your criminal defense attorney will ensure that all the legal procures are followed properly. This includes the arrest procedure, booking, interrogation, and finally the filing of the criminal case. Galanter Law, P.A. will be with you throughout.  

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To Get Professional Legal Representation

You cannot successfully represent yourself in criminal cases. Even professional lawyers hire fellow attorneys to represent them in court. Your criminal defense lawyer will litigate the case on your behalf to ensure that you get the justice that you deserve.

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