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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are considered to be the most serious type of crimes in the Miami, Florida area. Prosecutors are going to come to trial with everything that they have to make sure that the defendant is found guilty. It will be absolutely pertinent for the defendant to have the best violent crime lawyers in their corner if they are going to have a chance at protecting their freedom.

  • What will a defense lawyer do for their client being charged a violent crime?
  • How does being charged with a violent crime affect an individual?
  • When should the services of a defense lawyer be obtained?

A violent crime is considered to be a criminal offense committed with the use of violence or the threat of using violence. The most serious felonies that occur in the Miami, Florida area are violent crimes. Without a doubt, when an individual is charged with a violent crime whether it is aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, kidnapping or robbery with a firearm their freedom is going to be at risk. Without the help of a veteran violent crime lawyer the outcome of any trial is likely not going to be favorable for the defendant.

A violent crime attorney will research, study, and assess every detail of the violent crime that their defendant is charged with. In doing so, a violent crime lawyer will be able to file the necessary motions so that their client has the best chance possible of retaining their freedom. With the potential sentencing for violent crimes for aggravated battery with serious bodily injury and aggravated battery with a weapon being so severe going to trial without violent crime lawyers who have a lot of experience in the field will prove to be a grave mistake.

The best trial defense attorney will use the following evidence to build a strong defense for their client:

  • Was there a mistaken identity?
  • Were there false allegations?
  • Does the DNA and forensic evidence in the crime match that of the defendant on trial?

In Miami, Florida nothing can tarnish a persons reputation, finances and overall future worse than facing the violent crime charges of murder, man slaughter, and attempted murder. All of these crimes have life changing punishments that include a life sentencing behind bars.

The sooner that violent crime lawyers are brought into the picture, the better chance that an individual facing the serious allegations has to obtain a positive result. It is not uncommon for a violent crime attorney to be able to negotiate with the judge overseeing the violent crime case and the prosecution to reduce the charges their client is facing. If a defendant is found guilty violent crime lawyers give the defendant the best chance at getting the penalties reduced.

No matter what the violent crime a defendant is charged with in Miami, Florida prosecution is going to do whatever they can to get a guilty verdict. Typically the Miami, Florida area will appoint their best prosecutors to violent crime cases. Having a team of violent crime lawyers, who have had past success in helping clients keep their freedom or help them to get reduced punishments, is the best action an individual who has been charged with a violent crime can take. Aggressive legal representation is a must when going to trial for a violent crime.

Regardless of the violent crime that you or someone you know is facing, it is going to be a fight for freedom and the services of a violent crimes attorney can make it a winnable battle. You do not have to merely take a guilty plea. Make sure to have the best possible defense at your side.

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