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State & Federal Fraud Charge Lawyer

Are you facing a State or Federal Fraud Charge in Miami?

Federal Fraud is a very serious crime that is going to require the help of a federal fraud charge lawyer. The penalties that come along with being found guilty of federal fraud are severe; making it important to take the charges very seriously from the beginning.

What is Federal Fraud?

Federal fraud is defined as “an intentional deception or misrepresentation made by a person with the knowledge that the deception could result in some unauthorized benefit to himself or some other person. It includes any act that constitutes fraud under applicable Federal or State law.”

What are the Different Types of Federal Fraud?

  • White-collar crime
  • Health care fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Drug trafficking
  • Public corruption
  • Mortgage and real estate fraud
  • Computer/internet fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Government fraud

When a federal fraud law is broken there is likely going to be a serious investigation against the individual that is facing the charges. When an individual is facing federal fraud charges they will be going up against the U.S. government. Federal fraud charges are not like fighting a speeding ticket. The U.S. government has a vast amount of resources and will stop at nothing to make sure that justice how they perceive it is served. A person who is facing federal fraud chargeswill without a need to hire a federal fraud charge lawyer. Without a federal fraud charge lawyer it is going to be very difficult to protect your rights. Found guilty of a federal fraud the likelihood that an extensive prison sentence is gong to have to be faced is very likely.

What is the Best Action to Take if Charged with a Federal Fraud?

If you live in the Miami, Florida area and are arrested for a federal fraud you are going to need the services of a federal fraud charge lawyer. When looking for a law firm to defend you or someone you know against charges of federal fraud it is important to find a firm that has long history and success of helping individuals who are facing federal fraud charges.

When it comes to fighting criminal charges there is a major difference between the state and federal criminal justice system. If an attorney has experience practicing on the state level it by no means makes them qualified to practice on the federal level. Make sure when looking for a lawyer to defend you in federal fraud charges that you find out their experience in representing clients on the federal level.

How Can An State and Federal Fraud Attorney Help You In Court?

Federal fraud charge lawyers will have a vast amount of knowledge about both the federal law and federal sentencing. Federal cases should be taken very seriously as they are often very complicated and if found guilty will come with very severe punishments. If you live in the Miami, Florida area choosing the right federal fraud charge lawyer is going to be able to give you the best defense. It is important to know that the members of the United States Congress created the federal sentencing guidelines, which gives a judge a lot less leeway when it comes to sentencing. When it comes to federal sentencing guidelines there are 43 levels of offense and the higher the level the bigger the punishment.

What are the Possible Punishments an Individual Will Face if Found Guilty of a Federal Fraud?

Under 18.U.S.C. section 3559, the classification of offenses by punishment exposure is as follows:

  • Maximum life or death penalty, a Class A felony
  • 25 years or more, Class B felony
  • Less than 25 years, but 10 years or more, Class C felony
  • Less than 10 years, but five or more, Class D felony
  • Less than five years, but more than one year, Class E felony
  • One year or less but more than 6 months, Class A misdemeanor
  • 6 months or less but more than 30 days, Class B misdemeanor
  • 30 days or less but more than 5 days, Class C misdemeanor
  • 5 days or less, or if no jail stated, as an infraction

If you live in the Miami, Florida area and are charged with a federal fraud act quickly to get a federal fraud charge lawyer. It can be the difference between your freedom and a serious jail sentencing along with heavy fines.

The easiest and most effective way to handle your case is to hire our Miami traffic crime offenses lawyer, who will go above and beyond to help minimize the impacts of your charges. Contact Galanter Law, P.A. at (305) 440-4006 to get started!


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