Domestic Abuse Attorney in Miami, FL

Have you been charged with Domestic Abuse in Miami?

Miami, Florida law enforcement takes domestic violence charges very seriously. Without the services of an experienced domestic abuse attorney, it is going to be more than difficult to fight domestic violence charges. A skilled domestic abuse attorney may be able to help an individual avoid a conviction, have their charges reduced, or dropped completely.

In Miami, Florida the sooner that domestic abuse attorneys get involved in domestic violence charges the better off the defendant will be. In many cases, once a domestic abuse attorney gets involved the court realizes that the charges are not appropriate to be categorized under domestic violence. The definition of domestic violence is an assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, stalking, kidnapping or any other criminal offense that brings physical injury or death to a family member or someone who is living underneath the same roof as the individual being charged with domestic violence.

How a domestic abuse attorney works with the prosecution

An experienced defense will provide the right questions that may help clarify your situation, effectively working with the prosecution.

  • Were there injuries incurred at the time the charges were pressed?
  • Does the defendant have a past criminal record? (this can prove to be monumental evidence that can get charges dropped)
  • Has law enforcement been called to the place of residency in the past for similar reasons?
  • What were the reasons for law enforcement being called to the scene in the first place?

Possible Penalties for Domestic Violence

If found guilty of domestic violence in Miami FL, the consequences could be as follows:

  • Not being allowed to be around your family or children
  • Mandated to go to counseling/therapy
  • Being sentenced to time behind bars

How a domestic abuse attorney reduces or dismisses charges

A domestic abuse attorney will take the following actions in order to build a defense for their clients simple and aggravated assault or simple and aggravated battery case:

  • Research all the evidence that is available as well as look for evidence that was not initially present in the case
  • Interview the alleged victim
  • Find out whether or not self-defense was involved
  • Investigate alternative penalties handed down by the court of law if in fact their client was found guilty
  • Build the best possible defense for their client with the amount of evidence they have (every domestic violence case is unique and needs a defense that caters to the facts and evidence of that specific case)

House Arrest, Domest Violence Lawyer & Domestic Abuse Attorney

When a person is charged with domestic violence the first course of action by law enforcement in Miami, Florida is to place restraining orders against the accused. Once a temporary restraining order is put in place the individual being charged with the crime will not be allowed to have any contact or come within a certain distance of the alleged victim. A domestic abuse attorney will be able to act as a mediator between you and the alleged victim.

Hesitating to get the services of a domestic abuse lawyer in Miami, Florida is a mistake that will likely haunt an individual for years to come. Domestic abuse is a serious crime that is going to need a serious defense team to put together the necessary defense strategy. Without a quality defense put together by domestic abuse attorneys the penalties of jail time and very steep fines are going to be a strong possibility.

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