Boating Under The Influence Lawyer in Miami, FL

There is no question that Miami, Florida is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Every day people file out to the beaches to enjoy the blue, warm water and the sunny skies. Both residents that reside in Miami, Florida and tourists just visiting the extravagant city take advantage of the beauty by taking boats out on the water. While being on a boat is great fun many act irresponsibly mixing their boating experience with alcohol and ultimately find themselves getting charged with boating under the influence. Boating while intoxicated is a serious charge that authorities in Miami, Florida do not take lightly.

  • Under what circumstances can an individual be charged with boating under the influence?
  • What are the penalties if found guilty of boating under the influence?
  • How will a boating under the influence lawyer help an individual? What line of defenses can be formed?

Boating under the influence is a serious crime. Anyone who is operating a boat with a blood alcohol content over .10% is putting themselves 10x more at risk to die as a result of a boating accident then the person who is operating a boat sober.

Law enforcement in Miami, Florida regard boating under the influence as serious of a crime as operating an automobile under the influence of alcohol. If you are charged with a boating under the influence charge you will be facing the same charges as if you were driving an automobile. Depending on the severity of the charges hefty fines are going to be likely, there is a possibility of an individual losing their privilege to operate a boat and there is a very real chance that the individual charged will spend time in jail. For these reasons it is necessary for a person who finds him or herself in the predicament of being charged with boating while intoxicated to make sure they get good legal representation in the form of a boating under the influence lawyer.

Just one boating under the influence charge could land an individual in jail for up to six months. If an individual is charged with boating under the influence and someone is hurt in a boating accident the guilty could face up to five years in jail. In Miami, Florida law enforcement has been making conscious effort to crack down on the amount of people who are boating while intoxicated. The number of boating under the influence charges in Miami, Florida has been increasing steadily.

If you happen to be pulled over by the Coast Guard while enjoying the water in Miami, Florida it is important to remember that you have rights. An individual is allowed to drink and operate a boat as long as they are not impaired. However, if you are charged with boating under the influence you will need to contact a reputable Miami, Florida defense lawyer who has experience in defending clients for boating while intoxicated. A Miami defense attorney will be able to give a person the best chance at having the boating under the influence charge reduced or even dropped. Many who have been charged with operating a boat under the influence have been able to get their charges dropped because their defense team was able to prove that law enforcement did not have substantial evidence to pull them over in the first place.

For the person who is ultimately charged with boating under the influence in Miami, Florida there is a small window of opportunity to take appropriate action. The quicker that the services a boating under the influence lawyer is obtained the better chance they will have successfully defending you and getting the charges reduced or dropped.

Remember, in order to be found guilty of boating under the influence, the law enforcement in Miami, Florida is going to have to prove that you were indeed impaired while operating a boat. Without the services of an attorney who has a vast amount of experience in defending individuals who find themselves with a boating under the influence charge it will be very difficult to get positive results.

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