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How Not to Get Pulled Over for a Traffic Ticket

There’s nothing quite like a traffic ticket to ruin your day…and your driving record, your bank account balance, and your insurance premium rates. Want to know how to avoid getting pulled over for a traffic offense? Well, the smart aleck answer is: “don’t drive” or “if you do drive, just don’t commit any infraction and […]

South Florida Business Journal Highlights One of Galanter Law’s Cases

The South Florida Business Journal wrote a story about the $6.1 million verdict we won for one of our clients. It was the largest punitive-damage award in U.S. history for an involuntary bankruptcy case. A snippet of the story and a link to the original source are below: “Miami businessman Maury Rosenberg won a $6.1 […]

How Will Points on Your License Affect Insurance?

Q: “Will points on my driver’s license affect my car insurance?” A:  “Yes—so I hope you’ve got a rainy day fund stashed away because your car insurance rates are definitely going to increase.” You see, insurance companies evaluate risk of future loss by looking at people’s driving records. The more tickets, convictions, and points on […]

Tenants, Landlords, & Banks During the Pandemic – The Domino Effect

What will we see with Tenants, Landlords and Banks during the Pandemic ? As we start our third month of quarantine and social distancing, the jobless and unemployment rate continues to rise. Currently, our country is seeing its highest unemployment numbers since the Great Depression.  People have no income, they haven’t received their unemployment checks, […]

Your Miami and Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket Defense

Retaining a lawyer to defend your traffic ticket, accident, or arrest is relatively inexpensive compared to having your insurance rates increase over time and having a permanent mark on your driving record. Once points are assessed on your license, it can be very difficult, time consuming, and expensive to get them off of your record. […]

New Jersey’s Third Medical Marijuana Center Set to Open Soon

Yale Galanter represents the Compassionate Care Center of America Foundation Inc. who recently had their plans for a medical marijuana center in Woodbridge, New Jersey approved. Below is an excerpt from an article and a link to the original source. State’s Third Medical Marijuana Center to Open in Woodbridge Come September By Andrew Kitchenman It […]