Drug Court Lawyer in Miami, FL

Have you been charged with a drug crime and looking into Drug Court Programs in Miami?

With the help of a good drug court lawyer, more people who have been found guilty of drug charges or charged with drug possession have been given leniency by the court system and the option to participate in a drug court program as their punishment as opposed to having to do time in jail.

What is the history of drug court programs?

There are drug court programs in Miami, Florida that serve third-degree felony drug offenders who are non-violent. Drug court started in Dade County, Florida. During the 1980s there was an increasing number of individuals who were being arrested repeatedly for drug possession and other related drug charges. Drug courts were created with the intention of helping communities in all of Florida including Miami, Florida to deal with their growing drug problems. In drug court, the defendants who are referred to as clients will get treatment in the form of interventions, group therapy, individual therapy. In addition, individuals who participate in the Miami, Florida drug court program will have to make a regular appearance in front of a drug court judge and report on their progress.

How does drug court help society as a whole?

The premise behind Miami, Florida drug court programs is to stop the cycle of drug abuse and the criminal behavior that goes hand in hand with it. In addition, people who have been charged with a drug possession charge being mandated to participate in a drug court program reap the following benefits:

  • Work improvement
  • Better social skills and social functioning
  • Reduce the problem with crowded jails
  • More room for individuals found guilty of serious crimes in jails

Individuals who have been found guilty on various drug charges including drug possession are often given the option to participate in a drug court program as part of a plea bargain. Drug court programs are completely voluntary and the participants are expected to comply with all the rules and regulations with the help, guidance and support of the supervision drug team and appointed drug court judge that is provided.

What are the benefits of an individual participating in drug court?

If you or someone you know has been charged with drug possession or another type of drug charge it is important to get the services of a drug court lawyer. Often times the court of law is willing to show leniency to individuals found guilty of drug charges and allow an individual to participate in drug court. Participating in drug court provides the following:

  • It allows an individual to avoid having to spend time in either jail or prison.
  • Gives participants a better chance at remaining abstinent from drug and alcohol abuse.
  • By completing a drug court program successfully, drug charges are oftentimes dismissed or reduced.
  • Individuals who are allowed to participate in a drug court program often have the choice of which program they will be attending.

How a Drug Court Lawyer helps your case

Having to participate in a drug court program is a much better alternative than having to spend time in jail along with the possibility of having to pay hefty fines. When an individual is charged with a drug possession charge and if they have the right representation, their drug charges do not necessarily have to end in spending time in jail. Because there is a growing emphasis on the need for people to get treatment for their addictions, many judges and courts are showing leniency to individuals who have been charged with breaking a drug law but are non-violent offenders. An experienced drug court lawyer will be able to explain your options and do the work necessary to help his or her client avoid possible jail time and steep fines.

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