(Driving Under the Influence) DUI Lawyer in Miami, FL

Have you been charged with DUI in Miami?

Being charged with a DUI in Miami, Florida has very serious repercussions. It is important to find a DUI lawyer that will do everything in their power to ensure that a DUI conviction does not haunt you for the rest of your life. The best DUI defense attorneys in Miami, Florida are often able to get a DUI charge expunged leaving you with a license and a clean record to police and employers. Make no mistake, if not taken seriously a DUI charge in the state of Florida will have lasting consequences that is capable of effecting your employment, future, and freedom.

Under what circumstances can an individual be charged with a DUI?

The vast majority of people who have been charged with a DUI do not have a past criminal record and deserve a second chance without having the “book” thrown at them. In Miami, Florida it is not illegal to drink and drive as long as the person operating the vehicle is not impaired and does not have a blood alcohol content above .08. With that said it is important to understand that it is not safe to drink and drive. The best DUI lawyers will know the most effective ways to defend a client who has been charged with a DUI.

Knowing and understanding the Miami, Florida DUI laws as well as the proceedings that take place in a courtroom for DUI cases is nothing short of a challenge. The best DUI law firm in the Miami, Florida area will use clever, and innovational ways to help their clients achieve the best results in a court of law.

What are the penalties if found guilty of a DUI?

The Florida DUI law states that an individual’s license will be suspended at the time of the arrest for six months if it is an individual’s first offense. If it is an individual’s second offense they will lose their license for a period of one year.

How will a DUI defense lawyer help an individual? What line of defenses can be formed?

The experience that comes with hiring a DUI lawyers will prove to be priceless when it comes to fighting a DUI charge in the court of law. The best DUI attorneys have a reputation for being able to aggressively defend their clients while helping them achieve favorable outcomes.

If you or someone you love has been arrested for driving under the influence in the Miami, Florida area it is important that you know that there are options. An individual should never plead guilty without consulting closely with a DUI Lawyer. The best DUI defense attorneys are the ones who have a practice that primarily defends individuals who have been charged with a DUI. DUI defense attorneys who do this are usually better when it comes to strategic planning that will help their clients walk away without having to face repercussion.

One course of action that the best DUI lawyer will do leading up to his or her client’s trial is to submit pretrial motions to the judge and ask for some of the key evidence that is being used against their client to be thrown out in an attempt to dismiss the charges. If the judge makes the decision not to throw out key evidence there is still a strong chance that the prosecution will take the action of reducing the charges to a lesser charge then DUI. At this point, if a DUI lawyer client’s case still goes to court they have a better chance of being found not guilty.

Every DUI case in Miami, Florida is going to have two cases filed. The first case is an administrative hearing that deals with an individual’s driver’s license and the second case filed is the criminal case that ultimately decides the punishment that a defendant will have to face. A DUI law firm with very experienced DUI defense attorneys will give a defendant the best chance at retaining their privilege to drive in Miami, Florida as well as having the charges brought up against them reduced or completely dropped.

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