Appreciating Arts & Culture In Coral FL

Coral is part of the city of Coral Gables in Miami-Dade County in Miami, FL. Founded in 1925, this is one of the oldest cities in Southern Florida. The city has maintained most of its historical relics including stately gates, historic houses, and canopied streets. Coral FL has many fun amenities including well-maintained public parks, nice boutiques, and excellent restaurants. There is even more fun to be had in the arts and culture landscaped of Coral FL. Learn more here.

Coral Gables Museum 

This museum is located in downtown Coral Gables FL. It’s housed in a historic coral stone building. It features artifacts original exhibits celebrating culture, architecture, and the environment. Many special events and programs are hosted in the museum and you are welcome to go on walking tours every Saturday morning. Learn more about A Whole Day Of Fun In Opa Locka FL.

Coral Gables Arts Cinema 

The Coral Gables Art Cinema (CGAC) is a nonprofit cinema that brings foreign, classic, and independent films to Coral FL. The auditorium holds 141 seats with 3D, 4K digital projection and films mostly shown on 35mm & 70mm.  

Coral Gables Festivals And Events

Coral FL hosts many fun events and festivals throughout the years. Some of the events slated for 2020 include Coral Gables Food Wine & Spirits Festival, Coral Gables Art & Mega Festival, and the Miami/Coral Gables Seafood Festival, among many others. 

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