Drug Court Programs Florida

Florida Drug Court programs allow qualified defendants the opportunity to avoid prosecution for drug charges, recover from substance abuse addiction, and become a productive member of society. There are currently 101 existing or planned drug court programs spread out across Florida’s twenty judicial circuits. Specific drug court programs vary by judicial circuit and may include Adult Drug Court, Juvenile Drug Court, DUI Drug Court, and Family Dependency Drug Court.

To be eligible to participate in a Florida Drug Court program, Florida Statute §948.08(6)(a) provides that the arrestee must be charged with a nonviolent felony and be identified as having a substance abuse problem or be charged with a felony of the second or third degree for purchase or possession of a controlled substance, prostitution, tampering with evidence, solicitation for purchase of a controlled substance, or obtaining a prescription by fraud. Each individual drug court program in Florida may also set its own specific eligibility requirements. For example, while the majority of Florida Drug Court programs are only open to first-time offenders, some programs such as the Palm Beach Drug Court program allow certain qualified individuals with multiple prior convictions to participate.

Florida Drug Court programs must last for at least twelve months and generally require participants to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment, attend individual or group counseling sessions, attend sober fellowship meetings, submit to frequent urinalysis drug screens, attend regular status hearings in front of their drug court judge, and participate in other required rehabilitative and therapeutic activities.

To see a detailed list of the specific drugs court programs in each judicial circuit in Florida along with links to circuit/county contacts and websites, click here. Additionally, to view a directory of Florida Drug Courts and drug court teams (which may include state attorneys, public defenders, case managers, clinical service providers, counselors, and correctional officers) for each judicial circuit/county in Florida, click here.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, it is strongly recommended that you hire an experienced drug defense lawyer who is well-versed in Florida drug laws and drug court programs. Yale Galanter and his team of skilled lawyers at the South Florida criminal defense law firm of Galanter Law will work tirelessly to have your drug charge reduced or dismissed, where possible. In addition, your Galanter Law lawyer will help you decide whether entering a drug court program is in your best interests, help you gain admission to a drug court program, advocate on your behalf at drug court proceedings, and help you clean your criminal record after you successfully graduate from drug court.

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