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Being arrested or charged with any criminal offense is a scary situation for anybody to go through. It would help if you had a DUI Attorney Miami who will guide you through every step of this unfamiliar process. An attorney will ensure the results are in your favor and will not stop until he/she does. Galanter Law, P.A. is precisely the law firm for you. See more here.

Years of Practice

Galanter Law, P.A. lawyers, have extensive experience in representing clients charged with both felonies and misdemeanors traffic crime offenses. They are professional and know their way through the many hoops and hurdles of the legal process. See here for information about Tips for Hiring A DUI Lawyer in Miami.


The defense lawyers at Galanter Law, P.A., go far beyond being just professionals. They are empathetic, which is very rare in this industry. They care about their clients and therefore strive to achieve successful results,


Galanter Law, P.A. attorneys are well informed with the latest changes in traffic violation laws.

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