Heavy DUI Penalties That You Can Avoid With The Assistance Of A Competent Dui Attorney In Miami FL

One of the most common and serious traffic crime offenses in Miami FL is driving under the influence or DUI. DUI charges are taken very seriously in the state of Florida especially if you are a repeat offender. You need a good Miami DUI attorney like Galanter Law, P.A. to help you with such a case. Some of the penalties for DUI are. Miami, FL information can be seen at this link.

Loss Of License

Your driving license can be suspended for some time if you are convicted of DUI. This can be quite inconveniencing especially if you rely on your car to go to work. Call us at Galanter Law, P.A. so that we can help resolve this issue. Discover facts about Common Traffic Violations That Can Be Resolved By A Traffic Attorney In Miami FL.

Heavy Fines

DUI charges can incur heavy fines, especially for repeat offenders. To avoid these heavy fines, hire an experienced Miami DUI attorney. The attorney will negotiate the case so that the fine is reduced to a reasonable amount that you can afford.  

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Jail Time

Some DUI traffic crime offenses can be quite serious. You can hit and kill a person while driving under the influence. You will be charged with DUI manslaughter. This is a serious case that requires the services of a professional DUI attorney. 

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