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The law offices of Yale L Galanter,P.A. has successfully represented clients arrested and charged with Miami DUIs. DUI is a common offense that occurs to many individuals across all walks of life. While a DUI is only a misdemeanor, you must seek out a defense attorney with many years of experience in defending DUI cases.

Why choose Law offices of Yale L. Galanter, P.A. to be your DUI attorney?

Our firm has years of experience defending DUIs and BUIs in Florida (boating under the influence) cases. We use our combined 40 years of experience to vigorously defend these alcohol related driving and boating offenses. We have successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the South Florida area. Anyone arrested for DUI must understand that each case is different due to the subjective nature of these types of cases. Each DUI is different, depending on the many factors (i.e., the law enforcement agency and in particular the officers making the arrest, whether law enforcement obtained a breath reading and the results of that breath reading, whether the driver performed roadside exercises, whether any statements were provided by the driver, whether you were in an accident and whether there were witnesses to the alleged DUI).

A DUI Conviction is permanent and Life-Changing

Although a DUI is a misdemeanor, it often carries penalties that are more onerous and far-reaching than a felony. A conviction by way of plea or trial to a DUI will lead to a permanent criminal record. Other possible penalties that come with a DUI are jail time, probation, driver’s license suspension, community service hours, vehicle impoundment, ignition interlock, fines and court costs.

Defending the Criminal Case

To prove an individual guilty of a DUI, the prosecutor must prove that the person charged was: 1) in actual physical control of the motor vehicle, and 2) was driving while their normal faculties were impaired or 3) was driving with an unlawful breath or blood alcohol level of .08 or greater.

Breath Tests

Of course, the best defense to a DUI arrest is to refuse to submit to a breath test and the field sobriety exercises. The first line of defense in a Miami DUI case is to show that the police officer violated your rights by making an illegal stop.

Field Sobriety Exercises

Field sobriety exercises will be suppressed, if the police officer did not give you the option to refuse to take them. Keep in mind that field sobriety tests are subjective and many times the officers are not qualified to give them and the results are meaningless.


Even in a DUI case, you have the right to remain silent. Do not make any spontaneous statements to the police; they may be admissible against you. Once at the police station, the officer will read you Miranda rights. Refuse to answer any questions and request the assistance of a Miami criminal attorney. If the officer illegally obtains any statements against you, a Miami DUI attorney at DMT will get them suppressed, so they will not be admissible against you.

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